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 Hi, Friend!

First of all, could I just take a moment to say- thank you from the depths of my heart for taking time to visit me today? I know, there are countless other places you could be right now, in this moment. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Let me introduce myself. I am a woman in my forties, who has lived a lifetime already. I am a blessed Momma to four children and one who I will meet in Heaven. My children range in age; 25, 20, 14 and 4. Being a Mom is my most cherished calling.

I am a wife of 28 years to my Pastor husband. Every one of those years have been graced with serving in so many incredible churches and ministry programs across the states of Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas. I have led and served women’s ministry programs; both nationally and locally. I have had the blessing of loving and teaching little ones and mentoring and coaching teens and college students. Nothing thrills my heart more than watching the person in front of me discover who they are in Christ and live it out in radical ways.

I have been blessed to work in banking for 24 years as well as serving non-profits. I have led programs and a staff of my own as well as assisting and supporting those who lead. I have had the unforgettable blessing of learning from the wisdom of great leaders I have served under.

After many years of providing spiritual counsel and encouragement, I stepped out with a goal of becoming a certified Life Coach. After much hard work and prayer, I have successfully completed my dual certification as an CCA Certified LIFE Coach and Certified Christian Coach.

I have had amazing victories and I have also struggled with seasons of depression. I have lived in a few very hard places. I have also watched the transforming power of God change my life forever, giving me a passion to help others in this hard and glorious journey of life. I know my purpose. I am confident in who I am created to be. But, this has not always been true for me.

My life story is filled with joy and struggle. Each experience has led me to this moment. I honestly get the MOST joy out of seeing others thrive and experience incredible victory over defeating circumstances. My greatest rewards come from cheering from the background and helping empower and equip others to go out in this world and SHINE!





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