Services Provided

Services Provided

With over 28 years of ministry experience, I specialize in motivating and encouraging my clients to embrace their God-given gifts, connecting their gifts and passions with every area of their lives; at home, in the workplace, in their communities and in every detail of daily life. It is my heartfelt goal to see every one of my clients living out their lives with passion on purpose, making an unforgetable impact on every person they meet. It is my personal mission to provide my clients with support in digging deep to uncover God's divine plan over their lives; taking practical steps to become the best version of themselves.

As a Certified Christian Life Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

1. Connecting unique passions with purpose

2. Finding and prioritizing guilt-free rest, in the midst of a highly demanding schedule

3. Connecting unique gifts with career decisions

4. Establishing a daily routine for self-care, and opportunities for refuel, refocus and renewal

5. Identifying Obstacles serving as barriers to accomplishing goals

6. Celebrating "Imperfect Progress" along the journey to acheiving dreams

7. Providing encouragement for those serving in ministry roles

8. Creating a practical plan for life-balance. Within the home and workplace.

9. Encouragement and tools to grow deeper in your walk with Jesus.

9. My husband and I have a separate ministry to provide a physical place for spiritual rest, refocus and renewal. The Haven at Hilly Village. Contact me for more details. 




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